'Passió per…' (Passion for…)

A couple of months ago the Fundació Collserola organized a meeting in which professionals from different disciplines and backgrounds shared their passion for their jobs with the high school students from Avenç School. This was also a unique opportunity for the students to share their concerns about their future professional choices and have some of their questions answered by successful professionals.

Within the invited speakers there was Irene Lapuente, who explained students her academic background and the origins of the company she runs, La Mandarina de Newton. She also shared her experience as a student, the decisions she made and how, in her opinion, the doubts and concerns students usually have at the time of taking decisions related to their professional path, are just part of the game!

The invited speakers of this meeting were:
- Jaume Abella (Telecommunication Engineer)
- Mireia Sopena (Degree in Catalan Philology)
- Jaume Betrian (Degree in Administration and Business Managing)
- Irene Lapuente (Degree in Physics)
- Gemma Marfany (Doctor in Biology)
- Xavier Roqué (Degree in Physics and Science Historian)

Here you can watch the video of meeting and listen to the advices and some interesting stories of these professionals.



Services and products 'made in' La Mandarina de Newton

From La Mandarina de Newton we offer a wide range of scientific and tech services and products specifically design for the different target audiences. 

For example, for schools, colleges, associations or companies, we have a varied offer of scientific workshops in which we explore, in a fun and creative way, different topics of Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

We also have a range of services and products aimed at the scientific community, in which we offer our knowledge and experience on outreach projects to translate research projects and findings to the different audiences.

We have an interdisciplinary team able to help you. And we are always opened to new projects and ideas.

Contact us!!

More info about about what we can offer you, here.

The explorers and inventors of Tàber School at the Science and Technology Festival

As you know, la Mandarina de Newton offered experimental workshops at Tàber School in Barcelona during the period 2011-2012.

These workshops, named “Explorers and inventors”, have shown science, mathematics and technology as something practical, transdisciplinary and constantly evolving. The activities have been an alternative to the sixth hour, reduced this new school year, and have been promoted by the AMPA of this educational center.

After ten months of ongoing experiments, 1st to 6th grade students have shared part of their new knowledge with the public of the Science and Technology Festival 2012 in Barcelona. During the school year, these workshops were structured in a way that each course focused on a different branch of science (biology, geology, chemistry or physics), technology or maths. Following this plan, 1st grade students surprised us with an experiment about perception, making us taste colored yogurts. 2th grade students told and show us how a vacuum pump works, 3th grade students made cubical soap bubbles, 4th grade students made react hydrogen peroxide and 5th grade students explained us the Newton’s Laws and the centripetal force. Finally, they made a volcano together with sodium bicarbonate and acetic acid.

If you could not come to the Science and Technology Festival, but still want to see the protagonists of these workshops telling you what is the light, how to build a fractal or how a electrical postcard has been build, do not miss the videos that you will find at the noon space on the website of Tàber School.

Photos: Muriel Botey

Science at the bars

Sample video for Science of the City 3

The Physics of Lindy Hop

Sample video for Science of the City 3

Newton's First Law

Sample video for Science of the City 1

Why the sky is blue?

Sample video for Science of the City 1

Tangerines, eggs, balloons and bottles talking science

La Mandarina de Newton offers different workshops with several formats. These workshops may be one day workshop or may have a pre-set duration: one week, one term… The idea is to help participants to build some knowledge during the sessions.

Currently, la Mandarina de Newton offers seven already planned one hour long workshops for teenagers:

  • Eating tangerines with Isaac Newton.
  • Experiments around a wine bottle.
  • Look at those eggs!
  • Blowing and filling balloons!
  • The magic of science.
  • Don’t waste energy!
  • What is nanotechnology?

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