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After the success of the exhibition at  CCCB (Barcelona), BigBangData is now at  Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid, where it will remain open to de public from March 14th until May 24th.

As it happened in Barcelona, during this period La Mandarina de Newton will be traveling to Madrid  to deliver a series of technological workshops that we specially designed for the exhibition Big Bang Data.

We will be running three different workshops during March and April: “We are the Cyberspace“, “Geolocation!” and “Fingerprints and Satellites“. These are workshops for families with children willing to raise awareness, in a entertaining and dynamic way, about the traces we leave behind as Internet users,  for example the ones known as Big data.

We are the Cyberspace

We live in a highly technological and hyperconnected society. We are ourselves, voluntarily or not, an important source of data.

In this workshop we explore the concept of Data: What is Data? Data are sets of quantitative and qualitative values attributed to certain variables. Do we have Data? Of course we do! From de most numerical data, such as our height, weight or corporal temperature, etc., to the most qualitative ones, such as our favourite color, or the music we love, etc.

Starting from de concept of Data and its relation with the individuals, we will generate sets of information: What is information? Structured, organized and interpreted Data. Is information important? It certainly is! Information can lead us to knowledge. Knowing our environment can help us working with it in our favor.

Dates: March 22nd and April 26th.
Hours: from 10:00 to 12:00.


Many of us live in cities, but often we don’t give it too much importance and we interact with our urban environment in a quite utilitarian and not so much analytical attitude. This workshop wants to give the opportunity to look at our cities in a new way, as spaces filled with data, information and knowledge. On the other hand, it also explores the concept of geolocation and interpretative framework.

In this workshop we will also briefly explore the concept of Data. What is Data? Data are sets of quantitative and qualitative values attributed to certain variables. Our cities are full of Data: cleanliness and pollution levels, population levels, building typologies, etc.

In order to let the group get to know and explore its surrounding environment, we propose the free walks around the Espacio Fundacion Telefónica, aiming to allow them collect, share and analyze their own Data.

Dates: March 22nd and April 26th.
Hours: from 12:15 to 14:15.

Fingerprints and Satellites

Thanks to the information and communication technologies, local data can be acceded worldwide. We can find behavioral patterns from anywhere in the world and understand the planet as a single entity. In this workshop we will explore concepts such as data crossing.

Dates: March 22nd and April 26th.
Hours: from 15:00 to 17:30h.

More information and registrations here.

Promoting curiosity for classification!

The project Classify! consisted in the creation of two interactive games for the National Geographic Retail Stores.

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