Workshop ‘The Magic of Science’

From the 14th until the 23rd of November we will be celebrating the 19th Science Week in Catalonia. This will be a week full of science activities, this time focus on the topics crystallography and biotechnology. This year La Mandarina de Newton will be participating, with the Cork Museum of Palafrugell, with the science show/workshop ‘The Magic of Science’ (Saturday, November 15).

This is an activity that offers a series of surprising experiments: rods that disappear, liquids that change color, metals that change when they get wet, liquids that disappear, objects that do not fall… And so, with the help of experimentation we learn while having fun.

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La Mandarina de Newton at the 50th ‘Festival de la Infància’

During this Christmas break, La Mandarina de Newton was at the 50th ‘Festival de la Infància‘, in Barcelona.

It was a full week of fun for the kids that had the opportunity to come: sports activities, games, music concerts, bike tours…. and, of course, science workshops! 

This edition of the Festival took place at the Fira de BarcelonaMontjuïc. From December 27, 2013 to January 4, 2014, over 96,000 visitors (children and adults) participated in more than one hundred activities organized to promote values such as citizenship, culture, healthy eating and respect for animals and the environment. More than 43,000 square meters of entertainment!

This year we took part in this huge Christmas event. We were responsible for the ‘Think Blue Workshops’, a collaboration with BritishSummer and Volkswagen. During these workshops the kids were able to learn more about electric and thermal motors and Environment.

Here you can check some photos we took during the Festival!

Cooking Science! at the Science Festival

This past weekend, June 15 and 16, took place the Science and Technology Festival at the Ciutadella Park, in Barcelona. Two days full of Science and Technology!!

On Sunday, La Mandarina de Newton participated with the workshops ‘Cooking Science!’.

Irene Lapuente (La Mandarina de Newton) held the workshops in which we experimented with everyday materials: : carrots, cabbage, spinach, eggs, oil, vinegar…

We fried eggs with alcohol! We extracted the DNA from spinach…

We surprised with changes of colors, texture, and flavor…

We spoke about density, viscosity, flexibility, pigments, pH and protein denaturation…

Workshops opened to families, where science and fun were served in a flask and test tube!

It was a Sunday morning full of surprises!!!

If your kids enjoy to explore and experiment, for sure they will have a great time participating at the activities and workshops we organize at the Mandarina Space!! 

As you know, during the first two weeks of July we organize the Summer Camp La Mandarina de Newton. There are still some places left!

And soon we will open the registration for the quarterly workshops of the next scholar year.

We will keep you informed!!

You can check all the photos in our Facebook page.

What is Nano?

The Science Day of 2012 was celebrated on the last 21st of November. Nano was one of the activities organized within the Science Week framework, an initiative promoted by the Department of Education and the Catalan Foundation for Research.

La Mandarina de Newton has participated in this annual celebration with a lecture-workshop intended for high-school students from Solsona.

This workshop presented a hot scientific topic, Nanotechnology, in an entertaining and funny way. The students had the opportunity to participate in a series of interactive experiments that allowed them to see the color of gold at the nanoscale, to play with ferrofluids, or to discover nano in nature. For one and a half hours we made a tour starting from the more conceptual part of nano, to finish by uncovering some interesting nano-applications, like fire retardant materials, hydrophobic materials, or the materials with memory fo shape.

You can check more photos of the activity here:


Cooking science!

This year 2011 has been defined as the International Year of Chemistry. Chemistry is the science that studies the composition, structure and properties of matter and the changes that undergo during chemical reactions.

Chemistry is very present in our everyday lives, and even more among our stoves and pans!

In this workshop, we experiment with everyday materials such as lemons, cabbage, spinach, eggs, oil, vinegar and Maizena. We talk about density, viscosity, flexibility, pigments, pH and proteins. We feel surprised by changes of color, texture, and flavor. We cook without using fire. Science and fun are served in flasks and test tubes!

Remember, this is on November the 3rd at 18:30 at El Mirador in Castellar del Vallès. Do not miss it!

The Barcelona Science Festival 2011

The Barcelona Science Festival will be held in the Ciutadella Park on the weekend of June 18th and 19th. This year, activities will revolve around chemistry, forests, nanotechnology, mathematics and the applications of technology.

La Mandarina de Newton will present the workshop “What is Nano?”. This activity has been developed with the support of the Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology (ICN). “What is Nano?” shows the modern science of nanotechnology in a fresh and fun way. We will ask for the collaboration of the spectators to perform tenth experiments that will allow us to explore the color of gold at nano-scale, discover a ferrofluid and find the nano-scale in nature. In 45 minutes we will go from the most conceptual view on nanotechnology to the discovery of interesting applications such as fire retardant materials, hydrophobic materials or materials with shape memory.

In addition, la Mandarina de Newton will also present its new project “Science of the City” and its team will encourage attendees to look at the science that hides around the very same park were the Festival takes place. “Science of the City” aim is to remark that the principles of science and technology are not only in books, laboratories or research centers, but also can be found at street level: mirrors, lights, cars, trees, bicycles, trains, fountains … we encourage our visitors to capture a two-minute video of the science surrounding them in their city.

These are just some of the many proposals that you will be able to find in the Festival… Do not hesitate! Come and enjoy science  in Ciutadella Park on the 18th and the 19th of June. We wait for you!

The Magic of Science

On November 22nd, la Mandarina de Newton conducted the scientific show “The Magic of Science” during the school awards ceremony organized by Talència. This event was held in CosmoCaixa Barcelona and it put an end to the Science Week 2010.

Tomas Molina, director and presenter of Espai Terra, introduced a number of boys and girls from kindergarten, primary and secondary school who talked about their projects in front of hundreds of people. Finally, the surprising experiments of “The Magic of Science” thrilled youngsters and grown-ups alike. Here are some pictures:

The Magic of Science” is a show that presents a series of surprising experiments: things that disappear, liquids that change color, metals that change their shape when they get wet in hot water, liquids that rise and fall or even disappear, objects that do not fall… Thanks to experimentation we go from surprise to a fun learning experience.

La Mandarina de Newton at the award ceremony of the Science Week 2010

This November, marks the 15th edition of the Science Week in Catalonia. For more than 10 days museums, research centers, universities, schools and other institutions and companies celebrate by offering a variety of activities including talks, workshops, games, quizzes, treasure hunts, adventures, exhibitions, conferences, open, round tables , hiking, movies and more. Biodiversity will be the subject of this great event.

On 22 November, Talència concludes this year’s Science Week with an award ceremony in CosmoCaixa Barcelona. La Mandarina de Newton will be responsible for carrying out the scientific performance of this celebration called “The Magic of Science“.

The Magic of Science” is a show that presents a series of surprising experiments: things that disappear, liquids that change color, metals that change their shape when they get wet in hot water, liquids that rise and fall or even disappear, objects that do not fall… Thanks to experimentation we go from surprise to a fun learning experience.

Tangerines, eggs, balloons and bottles talking science

La Mandarina de Newton offers different workshops with several formats. These workshops may be one day workshop or may have a pre-set duration: one week, one term… The idea is to help participants to build some knowledge during the sessions.

Currently, la Mandarina de Newton offers seven already planned one hour long workshops for teenagers:

  • Eating tangerines with Isaac Newton.
  • Experiments around a wine bottle.
  • Look at those eggs!
  • Blowing and filling balloons!
  • The magic of science.
  • Don’t waste energy!
  • What is nanotechnology?

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