Fractals, genes and seeds from Living Systems at Arts Santa Monica

Living Systems. Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau” is the first retrospective exhibition of this artistic couple. It was inaugurated by the science area at Arts Santa Monica, directed by Josep Perelló, on June 1st. This exhibition offers the opportunity to experiment with very participatory pieces that are related to the study of living systems: Eau de Jardin, Phototropy, LifeSpaces II, Mobile Feelings and A-Volve.

Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau are two of the most popular artists and innovators in the international media art and interactive art. Their work develops natural and intuitive interactive interfaces that apply principles of the theory of living systems related to ecology, artificial life and the sciences of complexity. On the other hand, the researcher Richard Sole has also contributed to the development of scientific vocabulary needed to understand the virtual ecosystem of  these two artists.

During June, July and September Arts Santa Monica offers a range of activities and educational workshops that allow all to go further in the understanding of the behavior of living systems. La Mandarina de Newton S.L. works closely with the coordinator of the educational workshops, Patio Homs, in the conceptio, the production and the realization of some of these workshops.

Fractals, It’s not all in the genes and phototropic are some proposals to bring the science that flows between the pieces of this interesting art and science exhibition. These three workshops, and their different versions, are closely related to the pieces Eau de Jardin, Life Spaces II, A-Volve and Phototropy. The dialogue between science, art and design has been very important throughout its process of creation and realization. To see some of the results of these workshops, here you can see a video made ​​by the Arts Santa Monica Communication team:

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