Electromagnetic spectrum, the video of the workshop!

You can watch here the video of the workshop “Electromagnetic spectrum” created as part of the exhibition “Invisible Fields. Geographies of radio waves”.

This activity was organized in the Laboratory space of Arts Santa Monica in cooperation with la Mandarina de Newton. We hope that you enjoy it as much as the boys and girls who attended!

Viewing the electromagnetic spectrum at Arts Santa Monica

Invisible Fields: Geographies of Radio Waves is the new art-science exhibition opened in the laboratory space, directed by Josep Perelló, at Arts Santa Monica. This exhibition was curated by José Luis de Vicente from ZZZInc and Honor Harger from the Lighthouse, in the UK. Patrícia Homs is the activities co-ordinator. Many people and institutions have participated to turn Invisible Fields: Geographies of Radio Waves into a reality. Some of the participants are: Trevor Paglen, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Thomas Ashcraft, Timo Arnall, Anthony DeVincenzi, Joyce Hinterding, Semiconductor, Job Ramos, Clara Boj and Diego Díaz, Matthew Biederman, Rasa Smite & Raitis Smits (RIXC), Irdial Records, Guifi.net, Plataforma Cero LABoral, or Luthiers Drapaires. On the other hand, La Mandarina de Newton S.L. collaborates, once more, in the conception, production, development and implementation of the educational activities of this exhibition.

Viewing the electromagnetic spectrum: The new workshops at Arts Santa Monica Science

The educational workshops at Arts Santa Monica are born from the dialogue between artists and scientists and they  are related to the central theme of each exhibition, in this case, electromagnetic waves, and radio waves, in particular. The workshops encourage creativity, curiosity and experimentation. Participants are invited to observe different phenomena related to the concepts that emerge from the exhibition, follow experiments, make their own creations and work on improving skills such as observation, documentation, experimentation, prototyping, reflection and communication.

Invisible Fields: Geographies of Radio Waves offers four educational workshops: Electromagnetic Spectra, Let’s make antennas! and Mini-FM that count with the collaboration of La Mandarina de Newton S.L. and a workshop organized by Guifi.net.

The workshop on the electromagnetic spectrum is the one with a broader view and it’s the one that it’s most related to the school curricula, without becoming a mere extension of the material studied in school. It reveals the presence of waves around us using batteries, magnets, keys, phones or lasers. Participants build engines, investigate on electromagnetic induction, make artistic creations with the help of magnets or create Faraday cages. The workshop that is more focus on antennas analyzes the shape and the utility of these artefacts and explores how lines and parabolas work. Participants create antennas with simple and everyday materials. Finally, during the mini-FM workshop we build a wave transmitter with the help of the Telecommunications Engineering School of Barcelona (ETSETB) of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC).

Invisible Fields: Geographies of Radio Waves also offers many  family activities during the weekends. La Mandarina de Newton S.L. collaborates in the workshop Let’s make waves! that is going to be held next November 20th. For an hour and a quarter we will explore the electric and the magnetic field and we will understand how we can use them to send and receive information. Do not miss it!


Image credit: Xavi Soto

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