Summer Camps: June 30 - July 11


Summer is coming and so are holidays!


This year La Mandarina de Newton once again will offer to your children, the opportunity to begin their holidays in a different and fun way.

We offer them two weeks full of engaging educational and leisure activities: science, technology, audiovisuals, programming, excursions, swimming, circus… And much, much more! Fun, experimentation, creativity, games… They will have a great time and they will re-discover their environment!

To ensure that your kids make the most of these two weeks, the activities will be conducted with a small group of 10 to 12 children. Moreover, we will have a team of qualified and experienced instructors and professionals for each scope.


When: Monday to Friday, from June 30 to July 11
Time: from 10:00h to 17:00h
For Whom: Children starting from 7 y.o.
Price/kid: 400 €  / 2 weeks     or    220 € / 1 week


Here you can check the program (later on, we will give more details about the excursions) for these two weeks:


Important notes:

  1. The contents and topics of activities, workshops and excursions will NOT be repeated during the 2-week period.
  2. The price includes all activities and institutions entries (parks, swimming-pool, etc..) In the price do not include meals. We suggest that they bring their own food.
  3. Registration will not be considered effective until payment of at least half ofthe registration fee. We offer a flexible payment schedule. Talk to us!
  4. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis, until the places are filled.


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Do you have any question?
Do not hesitate to contact us:
Phone – 93 667 37 74
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Or at our space (Calle Montseny, 12, 08012, Gracia, Barcelona)

New Workshops' Agenda at the Mandarina Space: 3rd quarter 2013/2014

Here it is, the new Workshops’ Agenda for the upcoming quarter!!

From April 24 (until June 20, 2014), at the Mandarina Space we will start the new quarter full of activities for kids,  and adults.

New activities, schedules… and discounts!!

Science experiments, programming with Scratch and Arduino,  audiovisuals…

Here you can find the poster and also the details of the program (you can also check the full program here):

Workshops for children


17:30-18:30h: Experimenting Science!

Workshops for children aged 6 to 12 years old. Staring from the questions of the participants, we will design and develop little hands-on research projects. We will promote individual observation, group research and reflection and communication. Specially designed for those kids who do not want to stop experimenting!


17:15-18:15h: Junior programmers!

Programming workshop for children aged 6 to 9 years old. Working in a creative and funny way, we will learn the basic tools needed to build simple video games using the programing language of Scratch. Workshop in collaboration with David Alcoba.

18:30-19:30h: Expert programmers!

Programming workshop for children aged 9 to 12 years old. This workshop is aimed to those kids that have already programmed with Scratch. From this previous knowledge we will further explore the programming tools, in a creative and participatory way. Workshop in collaboration with David Alcoba.


17:30-18:30h: Movie kids!

Audiovisual workshop for children aged 6 to 12 years old. We will learn to create characters, make scripts, scenery design and acting. We will experiment together a cinematographic process that will end with the a Mandarinic Film Show. Watch some of the previous kids projects at our Youtube Channel. Workshop performed in collaboration with Johann Pérez.

Quarterly registration for the workshops only. Prices per quarter: 110€/1 day per week and 200€/2 days per week.

If you have already participated in our quarterly workshops, you will benefit a 10% discount, and if you bring a friend , you will benefit 5% discount!

Workshops for teenagers


17:30-19:00h: Activate your world with Arduino!

Creative workshop with Arduino and recycled materials for teenagers (13 to 18 years old). Would you like to build your own robot? Or to build a board game with sensors, motors and lights? This workshop will give you the tools so you can animate and control objects from your surrounding applying basic concepts of electronics. We will use Arduino boards and recycled materials. Workshop in collaboration with David Alcoba.

Workshops for adults


18:45-20:15h: OutSmart yourself with Arduino!

Creative programming workshops with Arduino and Raspberry Pi for adults. If you want that the lights for your dining room light change color when you receive an email or you want to check the temperature of your home when you are out using your phone phone, this is your workshop! We will work with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and programming concepts to create and adapt technology to our needs. Workshop in collaboration with David Alcoba.

Quarterly registration for the workshops only. Price per quarter: 180€.

If you have already participated in our quarterly workshops, you will benefit a 10% discount, and if you bring a friend , you will benefit 5% discount!


During this quarter we will also offer you several single-day workshops! We will keep you informed!

Check out our webpage, our blog or subscribe our Newsletter! We will keep you updated!

If you want to participate or need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us:

Phone - 93 667 37 74

Email -

Or at our Space: Carrer Montseny, 12, 08012, Gracia, Barcelona

Registrations Open!!

Looking forward to hearing from you!!


Scientific Notes!

We don’t stop experimenting at the Science Workshops “Explorers and Inventors“ at the Costa i Llobera School, and the scientists of first to sixth grades have been writing down in their lab notebooks the details of the experiments that have been doing. This is a good tool, our memory can not retain everything, and so, on the lab notebook we should write the experimental protocols and all important notes and comments. These will be extremely useful in case we want to repeat an experiment. Also, you know that in science sometimes experiments fail and so, if we have everything detailed in our notebook, we can just go back and figure out want went wrong! :)

Here’s a photo collage of  the notebooks of two of the scientists that have been exploring at our lab:

Neus Pavon. Workshop facilitator of La Mandarina de Newton

Eco-friendly kitchen!

At Costa i Llobera School we are now at the 4th set of science workshops, organized by La Mandarina de Newton!

One of the experiments that we have started, taking advantage of the February spring days, was the homemade solar ovens that the 5th and 6th grade students created from old boxes, aluminum foil, plastic wrap and old CDs. Playing with light reflection and the solar heat the students can cook some food at the yard. Magnifiers were also of great help.

Solar ovens do not require electricity and are used in third world countries, providing a low cost alternative to cook some food. Searching the net, there are many blogs that propose recipes with this type of ovens, and we thought it would be interesting to share some of them on this blog. We suggest you a typical “Chocolate Cake” (from the webpage Cuines solars a Mallorca):

You will need 2 large bowls and an egg beater:

(the units of measurement are based on the yogurt container)

  1. Add 1 yogurt to the bowl.
  2. Add 2 egg yolks. Stir well to combine. Put the egg whites into the other bowl and reserve for later.
  3. Add 2 cups of sugar, better if it is raw sugar. Stir well.
  4. Add 3 cups of wheat flour (better if you sift it), one by one, stirring well before adding the next.
  5. Add the baking powder and stir again.
  6. Add half cup of oil and 1 of anise-flavored liqueur (or any liqueur you like)
  7. Optional: Melt the chocolate on the solar oven. Put 1 tablet of chocolate (better dark chocolate) in a pot with a little bit of butter. When both are melted, add them to the bowl and mix everything.
  8. Beat egg whites until stiff and add them to the bowl, gently stirring them in.
  9. And now, just put it all into solar oven to bake! If the oven reaches 100-120°C, it should take 1 to 2 hours. To be sure it’s done insert a toothpick into the center of the cake and if it comes out clean, you have your cake ready!

Here are other webpages where you can find more recipes for your solar oven:

Bon appetit!!!

Neus Pavon. Workshop facilitator of La Mandarina de Newton

At Costa i Llobera, we experiment!!

We welcome you to the Science Workshops of this 2013-14 course! In these workshops the primary students do a series of experiments, as little scientists to develop their curiosity and knowledge of what surrounds them.

For the 1st and 2nd graders, we have called the whole experience “The Senses and Life.”

The 3rd and 4th grades have fun with “Earth and Matter.”

And 5th and 6th experiment on “Energy, Electricity and ICT”.

Now that we have started the 4th round of workshops, we leave you with a set of images of the experiments performed by the groups. :)

“We eat it all”

This is the name of the project launched by the Agenda 21 escolar de Barcelona, in which the last years’ students of Costa i Llobera School (together with the kids of the other schools involved) are participating during January till May , 2014. The project is part of the European year against Food Waste and it aims to study, during one week per month, the amount of food that is being wasted. Each month the focus goes to one particular food item:

  • Bread in January
  • Yogurt in February
  • Meat in March
  • Fish in April
  • Potato in May


Our 5th and 6th grade students are the volunteers carrying out this project in the school canteen. During our science workshops, we reflect and discuss about different topics: ways to avoid throwing away food, the origins of the food we eat, other sustainable actions we can implement in our daily lives… Then, at lunch they quantify the difference between the food they have asked for and the food they actually ate (regarding that month selected food item: meat, fish, bread…) with the help of the canteen workers.

Here are the results of the wasted yogurt measured during February. With them, it has been possible to extract interesting data, such as the ecological footprint. For those unfamiliar with this term, our ecological footprint is a measure of the human demand on the Earth’s ecosystems: the amount of resources we consumed compared to the amount of resources available on the our planet. Ideally, we should not consume more than what the planet has to offer us. To calculate our footprint, xtec offers us a nice tool: Get your Ecological Footprint!

Neus Pavon. Workshop facilitator of La Mandarina de Newton


The Fractals!!

Within the topic of mathematics and with the third-year students of the Tàber School we have been studying fractals. Here you have what they replied when asked to tell us what goes through their minds when they hear the word FRACTAL:

  • Triangles! Fractals, yes, or whatever. That of accumulating triangles, I liked it!
  • The chemical fractal we have just saw, I liked it!
  • A fractal is a geometric shape that is multiplied infinitely.
  • Yes, it is repeated many times.
  • A triangle… a mirror!
  • Round, square, oval, rectangle… ah! A clock repeated 1000 times.
  • The triangle.
  • Vegetables and infinite triangles.
  • That, that thing, how was it called? That spiked cauliflower, and that snowflake. Oh, and the stairs that never end. That’s it.
  • A snowflake.
  • A star.

And you know what? Judit, when she went with her mum to buy at the grocery, she recognizes that cabbage which is a fractal, the romanesco, and she asked her if they could buy one to show it to the rest of the class.

Àlex also discovered that if he paint his hand with a pen, he would be able to highlight the lines of his skin and than see a fractal!

It was very interesting!

Marta Codina. Workshop facilitator of La Mandarina de Newton

La Mandarina de Newton at the 50th ‘Festival de la Infància’

During this Christmas break, La Mandarina de Newton was at the 50th ‘Festival de la Infància‘, in Barcelona.

It was a full week of fun for the kids that had the opportunity to come: sports activities, games, music concerts, bike tours…. and, of course, science workshops! 

This edition of the Festival took place at the Fira de BarcelonaMontjuïc. From December 27, 2013 to January 4, 2014, over 96,000 visitors (children and adults) participated in more than one hundred activities organized to promote values such as citizenship, culture, healthy eating and respect for animals and the environment. More than 43,000 square meters of entertainment!

This year we took part in this huge Christmas event. We were responsible for the ‘Think Blue Workshops’, a collaboration with BritishSummer and Volkswagen. During these workshops the kids were able to learn more about electric and thermal motors and Environment.

Here you can check some photos we took during the Festival!

Mobile World Centre: Smart-TIC, Technologic Activity for Families

On Saturday, December 14, we held an interactive and participative workshop, Smart-TIC, at the Mobile World Centre, in Barcelona.



It was a workshop for families with which we proposed a tech travel that began with the exploration of some amazing electrical phenomena, and ended with the creation of an animation using the intuitive programming language Scratch.

All together we were able to understand that our smartphones are actually real computers. Machines that use electricity to generate a language with which we can build new worlds!

‘Movie Kids and the extinction of the Dinosaurs!’

This winter holidays we have also organized a one-day audiovisual workshop for kids.

During two hours the kids had the opportunity to experience at first hand all the filmmaking process: from ideation, scripts, recording, to editing. 

The first thing was to decide the topic of the video! Together we agreed that the dinosaurs were going to be the protagonists of that afternoon! Then, they started defining the script and storyboard of their short movie. In order to comunicate how dinosaurs became extinct, they needed to build their film sets! They draw the moment the meteor impacted Earth millions of years ago and they built a little forest with dinosaurs and a… volcano!

They also had the chance to be reporters, actors and also camera operators!! Many roles for just one afternoon!

And a lot of fun and creativity!!

Here is the final result:


Did you miss it? Don’t worry!

Your kids will have more opportunities to join our filmmaking sessions! We will continue organizing one-day workshops, and we also have the quarter ‘Movie Kids’ workshops! This second quarter they will take place every wednesdays, from 17h30 to 18h30!

Don’t miss it!

Christmas Word Games by La Mandarina de Newton

This Christmas the kids of the Tàber School have tested their knowledge regarding some of the topics we have explored during the Explorers and Inventors workshops that La Mandarina de Newton organizes at the Espai Migdia.

We have prepared some Christmas Word Games that you can also play with your kids during these holidays. There is a game for each course. Here they are:

1st – Ginesta i Rossella Group

Which senses show us the following pictures?


2nd – Espigol i Romaní Group


Find the 9 words, related with this years’ experiments, which are hidden in this soup of letters.


3rd – Xaloc i Tramuntana Group

Which of the following is not a fractal drawing?


4th – Marinada i Migjorn Group


Find the 14 words related to the workshop’ experiments that hide in this soup of letters.


5th – Avet i Roure Group



6th – Alzina i Faig Group




Marta Codina. Workshop facilitator of La Mandarina de Newton

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